Computer Lessons in Lancashire and
Greater Manchester

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Silver Surfers

Get the best out of your mobile phone

Do you find it difficult to use your smartphone? We will help you to be more confident to
  • make calls, send and receive text messages
  • check your email on the move
  • look up information on the web
  • have the photos you take on your phone be transferred directly to your computer (no more need for cables) and share them with your loved ones
  • use your phone as a Sat Nav
  • share your shopping list with your husband/wife/partner on your phone
  • keep up-to-date with Facebook
  • stay in touch with your loved ones with Skype
  • listen to the radio or to music
  • or do you want to use your computer more easily?
    We can help you to set up your mobile phone and get the most out of it.


    All our trainers have over 10 years experience teaching students and staff. Our teaching takes place one-to-one, in small groups of no more than 8-10 people, although we tend to have groups of 4-6 people.